Sunday, 6 March 2011

Movie Sharer Jailed... Pirate Party Call Protest

Following an investigation into the online sharing of a new movie, Serbia’s high-tech crime unit has targeted an apartment in the capital city Belgrade where they arrested a 51 year old man, Goran Cujak. The man was arrested on suspicion of making links to the movie ‘Montevideo, bog te video’  (Montevideo, God Bless You).  Cujak was interrogated, apparently confessed to copyright infringement and in the space of one day a judge has ruled that he may be detained in jail for 30 days. The Pirate Party have responded, calling for a protest. 

Given the millions of internet users who engage in such activities every day, such arrests are a rare activity.  Although when they do happen the authorities make sure they are high profile and widely publicised to make their point clear.
The Ministry of Internet Affairs said in a statement, “The suspect was a member of one the most popular internet forums [for sharing copyright works]...the suspect [posted links to copyright works] to allow others to download movies, music and software material, from domestic and foreign authors, without their knowledge or approval, causing them so enormous material damage.”

The Pirate Party of Serbia has a responded by organising a formal public protest in Belgrade but if reports are to be believed, further arrests are on the cards. The police say that they will track down the individuals who downloaded the movie from the forum in question and bring them to justice too, although raids on several street vendors have yet to prove productive.

According to Serbia’s PressOnline, since January 2007 the High Court in Belgrade has convicted 181 individuals for media piracy with most of those receiving probationary sentences.


  1. sounds interesting man. keep up the good work!

  2. That's why i only download the movies. He will probably get an insane fine as well!

  3. Sharing is caring but not in the greedy industry

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