Saturday, 5 March 2011

BitTorrent Release Project Chrysalis - A Download Client for Everyone

BitTorrent - the parent company of uTorrent have released a completely new BitTorrent client titled Chrysalis. The new software is designed to eventually replace the mainline BitTorrent client offering a more user friendly experience for novice BitTorrent users.

Although BitTorrent already has a large user base, the company have found that many who download the BitTorrent client quickly uninstall the application as they simply don't know how to use it.  BitTorrent have acknowledged the need for an intuitive interface to really bring their product to the masses.

The current release is at Alpha stage but already offers a different experience than the 'traditional' clients.  One of the immediate differences is that Chrysalis offers a media-rich interface, with content displayed upfront - the idea being to sustain the interest of casual users who may not know where to look for content or understand how to use previous clients.

The default interface has example 'apps' which provide easy access to downloadable content. Downloads are achieved via a single click and can be launched by a media player directly from the application.  Other basic functions (starting, stopping, removing files) can also be done easily.

Chrysalis is not intended to replace the popular uTorrent interface as this will continue to be developed separately.  The Chrysalis Alpha release is available now (currently Windows only).


  1. I think I'll stick with my uTorrent thanks ;D

  2. nice post...n, thanks for the information.

  3. I'll probably stay with bitcomet, but this definitely looks good for people that dont know much about torrents

  4. Iv been using Vuze, could give this a try too tho! thanks for the tip, following u